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The Upcyclers




Patricia Alonso


Ricardo Lopes


ISH UPCYCLED WEAR is a independent street wear label founded in May 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal by a couple who had the dream of creating a disruptive project with purpose and above all 100% sustainable.

“We believe that there is nothing more sustainable than using the resources that already exist on the planet”.

“For us, it all started when we discover the upcycling”.

Behind our designs

We don’t import or produce new fabrics when we make our clothes, we leave that to other fast fashion brands that at this rate will end up destroying our planet.

Instead, we rescue discarded clothes in excellent condition or high quality dead stock fabrics and give them a new life by creating unique and unrepeatable pieces or limited editions of up to 50 units depending on the meters of dead stock fabric available.

“We have what nobody else has”

From Specials to Specials

Passionate about streetwear, we make clothes for the new generation of non-conformists who want to feel unique and look for alternatives to the “big brands” where they only find repetitive clothes like your neighbor’s

“With ISH you feel unique because you are really unique”.


If you are here, it´s because we did the things well.

We will keep mixing unlikely fabrics

We will continue to save discarded garments and fabrics

We want to be in more physical points and marketplaces

We want to do more collabs

We want to do more man clothes

“The future is inevitable and you are going to make part of it sooner or later you are going to use upcycling clothes”

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